Friday, 1 July 2011

GIS Technologies - DotSpatial

I'm going to hopefully run through the majority of the technologies on show at FOSS4G this year. I probably won't be going myself but at least by September I'll have first-hand experience with the big names.

Okay, the first one I chose was DotSpatial. I think i'll bunch up the OSM stuff into one long session - that's why I've gone and skipped over it.

So DotSpatial. I've only had a half a day but there's plenty of clear tutorials over at DotSpatial Docs to work through. I tried out a few and it's normally stuff for a dot Net Spatial library - map controls and ease of loading/editing vector and raster files.

Loading WMS into a map contol - no simply single layer class yet but a workaround was posted by Ted - here

Coming from working with ArcObjects it's looks a godsend of common sense. I'm not sure if I'll yet see a job post looking for DotSpatial as a requirement but you never know.