Sunday, 20 April 2008

Streaming uk football through xbmc

Perhaps i'm late on the scene on this but it's a nice trick.

Ok, how to get uk football streamed to your xbox. You need sopcast installed and running on a pc on your home network. You need a file on your xbox in a location where xbmc will see it. The file is a text file - i've named mine sopcast.m3u. Contents of the file are;

#EXTINF:- 1,http://:8902/tv.asf

Edit it for your pc's ip address obviously and if you're using a recent copy of sopcast the port should be correct. Older sopcast versions use 8900.

On the pc, find a stream to watch. For UK football you should be able to find a sopcast stream from; or

Once it's running on the PC, switch over to your xbox. Load up xbmc (you have got it installed as the dashboard right?) and add a source which points to the folder containing the m3u file. Click the sopcast.m3u and you're away.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Getting out of BT Broadband

It can be done! BT have provided a trickle of a service since i started with them six months ago. A letter of complaint followed by two months of line testing. At the end, one guy on technical support ran a different test from normal and determined the line was capped after all. No compensation followed by further real poor speeds and i complained once more - they helpfully gave in and released the MAC code. Straight back to BeThere via Quidco and i earnt myself forty quid in the process. 24Mbps, static line and no limit all for £18 a month inc. vat. Can't complain and happy to be back.