Wednesday, 8 April 2009

daily reasons why one should dislike ESRI

Here's an extract from the ArcObjects's Dynamic Layers section of their manual;

  1. BeforeDynamicDraw(esriDMDPLayers) event is being fired
  2. Layers are drawn; these are the layers that do not support IDynamicLayers (static layers)
  3. AfterDynamicDraw(esriDMDPLayers) event is being fired
  4. BeforeDynamicDraw(esriDMDPDynamicLayers) event is being fired
  5. Dynamic layers are drawn
  6. Immediate phase (esriDDPImmediate)
  7. Compiled phase (esriDDPCompiled)
  8. AfterDynamicDraw(esriDMDPDynamicLayers) event is being fired
'is being fired' just grates right up my spine. Horrible, horrible english. On aside, i have no idea why BeforeDynamicDraw and AfterDynamicDraw takes non-dynamic layers as a parameter. Clue's in the name buddy.