Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Step back in time

Sometimes when expensive software expires it's annual licence and the new licence key is lost in the post.. sometimes, just sometimes the old hack of turning back your system clock does the trick of fooling the licenced software. Unfortunately if you're on a domain time date updates are handled not by the user. Sure you can change the time but after a while the pc will correct the error. So what you need is a batch file that will change the date & time and schedule task that to run every ten minutes or so.

Contents of batch file
Echo Time_Format | Time
Echo Date_Format | Date

eg; Echo 00:00:00 | Time
Echo 01/01/70 | Date

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Coastal's Movie Cleaner now does Fan Art

My little movie cleaner now supports fan art. I still prefer it's use over other movie info tools out there. Movie Info Plus seems to load all the fanart into memory before asking you to select one. I'm not sure of the reasoning for that but mine uses the same source [thanks theMovieDB.org] but you just download the one you want. I'll have to tidy up the .nfo file bit now as that's looking like a proper cheap trick.

Anyway, to get my little movie cleaner click here

Friday, 6 February 2009

Augemented Reality

http://www.enkin.net/ have made a very nice app. for the android platform. Tagging 3D objects such as buildings it exploits gps, geotags and object detection.

MySQL Backup command

A complete reference to myself and no other;

How to dump all databases from MySQL command line;
mysqldump -u root -pPassword -x --all- databases > db_dump.sql