Saturday, 6 October 2007

Tidying up movies in xbmc

Ok. If you put a new movie file into xbmc it'll try to work out what movie it is from It's not 100%, more like 75%. To get round this you have to manually edit movie titles and run searches again. If you lose your xbmc database you'll have to start all over.

Well, this was bugging me so i've written a little prog. to handle tidy up movie files. It'll create a NFO file for each movie plus you can grab images off the net and use them as the thumbnails in xbmc.

grab it here

you'll need .net framework 2.0 to run it and it presumes that all your movies are in the following format;

main movie folder
--> movie name as folder
--> -->
some file.avi
movie name as folder
--> -->
some file.avi etc..

sorry that looks bad, can't get any indenting to work on this blog. :-(

i keep my file names matched to the folder names apart from split files. Let me know your thoughts. I'll be happy to pass on the source code if you want to expand it.


Jink said...

this is great- but I don't use folder names- all of my files are dumped into one folder with

Any chance this app could be tweaked to account for that?

Chris said...

This is a great concept as using the built in scraper is only getting me 50% accuracy at best ! Does this work for TV shows as well ?



coastal said...

To jink,
There's another app over at the xbmc forums that will do that for you. It will work with a video.xml output from the xbox and generate nfo files for all that it finds.

You're welcome to use my code if you wish.

coastal said...

To chris,
Thanks. Unfortunately i haven't addressed it for TV shows. I think the TV shows work differently - i might be wrong on this.

I use TVdb as the content source, all the files are named SxxExx, each show has it's own folder. If TVdb knows about it then it should pick it up.

Jink said...

Cool thanks for that. I found the latest version here and the thread here if anyone else is interested