Thursday, 18 October 2007

BT Vision causes home network to die

I've had right trouble with the home network ever since i moved to BT. Turns out it was the BT vision box causing the trouble. The BT Home Hub has only two ethernet ports. I've got 2 pcs, the vision box and two xboxes all to fit in. So i thought put the pcs and xboxes on the hub and the bt vision can go direct to the BT HH. But the vision box crashed all file sharing, remote desktop connections.. all apart from simple pings. Only when i put the vision box into the hub and placed something else into the spare ethernet port on the HH did the trouble disappear. Haven't a clue why and BT seemed to know less than i did.


coastal said...

no, that wasn't it. i think i better upgrade my old hub and get new cables. something's tripping up. i wish i knew about networks than just ping.

coastal said...

no, not the hub. think it was bit torrent that was dominating the network connections. Turned that down to 40 concurrent connections and it's seems happy enough.