Saturday, 6 October 2007

Movie ripping

Okay, here's the quickie guide to ripping your DVDs to xvid/divx. You'll need Auto Gordian Knot (AGK) and DVD Decrypter. AGK you can download fine from their website, DVD Decrypter you'll have to get from a torrent share.

I found using AGK to run the process from start to finish would cause a few lip-synch problems. What you want to do is run DVD decrypter first and then run AGK on the files that it produces. I haven't found a lip-synch problem yet.

DVD Decrypter is a joy. It'll hunt for what it thinks is the main movie file on the DVD and you should be able to just press Go. When you run AGK afterwards you'll want to point it to the first IFO file that is created. You'll know you've got the right one as the movie length and details will appear in the AGK window. Choose your output and mps settings, a guide on that can be found over at

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