Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Dollar exchange rate map for Google Earth

I'm pleased to publish my dollar exchange map for Google Earth. Each country is colour coded to how it's performed against the dollar over the last 48 hours. So if the country is red in colour then it's currency has dropped against the dollar and if green then they're doing alright.

Click here for the KML file.

I'll be switching to a 30 day view rather than a 48 hour period once enough data has been sufficiently captured. I'm accepting requests for private services if anyone would like access to the data in a different format than provided.

The data comes from some of the regualr exchange rate sites and it was a case of a using a mixture to identify all the currencies used in the world. Before now i had no idea you could use the Euro in South America and off the coast of Canada. It's been bit of a lesson in geography 101 tbh.

Anyway hope you enjoy.


coastal said...

Ah. There's a current bug with weekend generation of the data. I didn't realise but of course the exchange markets close for the weekend like everyone else i guess. There's no changes in the data from Saturday to Sunday so no thematics are generated. I'll put in the fix tomorrow.

Tantalus said...

Would be cool to see the numbers. Thanks for sharing!

coastal said...

Numbers are in there. Have you tried clicking on a country?