Thursday, 22 January 2009

Winamp and BBC radio

Due to network restrictions at work i'm forced to use Windows Media Player to listen to BBC radio. I've noticed that you can drag and drop the 'play this station' link to the desktop and then load this up in Winamp. It works fine and you can save it as a bookmark.

Here's an example mms://


coastal said...

BBC's link has changed.


To find it again from source, do view source from a bbc radio page and you should find a *.asx page. Run view source on the asx page and you should find the mms:// url. Though if you just through the .asx url at your browser winamp may burst into life and you can just bookmark.

rodolfo felipe ventura said...

great! thats exactly i was looking for. i prefer play radio in winamp than real... welll thanks again.